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Alchemy of the Goddess Program


The Alchemy of the Goddess Program is a journey of reclaiming your feminine pleasure and power. We move through 8 weeks of juicy embodiment and pleasure activation training to help you reclaim your sacred- body, pleasure, dance, grief, creativity and power!

The program includes access to our private- Pleasure Alchemists Facebook group where you can share your reflections, questions and awakenings with facilitators- Aeriel & Faye, along with other beautiful goddesses who are on this same journey and coming home to self and sensual sacredness.

This program is available in our Alchemy of Love App with a 7 day free trial.

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Why We LOVE this program!!

chantal .jpg

Chantel Tambeau

-A Magic Space-

My experience allowed for deep powerful connections collectively and with myself. Thank you, Aeriel and Faye for creating this container to share, connect and learn together.


Cherie Ann

-A Journey With So Much Knowledge and Love-

There are so many tools and experiences offered here, you will definitely learn more about yourself, trauma, triggers, pain and pleasure.


Pamela Robinson- Evolove Healing

-Helped me Honour the Goddess in Me-

Helped me to understand myself. Helped boost my confidence and took my healing to a new level. I am eternally grateful

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