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The Body Worship Game

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A Fun Way to Connect & Expand Pleasure

The Body Worship Games makes Tantric exploration easy and fun for couples to explore. With a few simple instructions you will be on your way to expanding pleasure and experiencing deeper intimacy. It's a great way to build in more connection time, revive passion and sexual intimacy, and begin a journey of learning about tantra!

This game of 22 cards, guides you through how to play and a short and sweet ritual to create a sacred container for exploration. Then the game begins as you and your partner shuffle the deck and choose different body parts with tips on how pleasure map, unlock healing, and deepen intimacy!

This is a fantastic option for those who want a fun and simple way to expand intimacy and pleasure with their partner. It's also great for couples who have been together for a while, or busy parents who want to re-ignite their passion and intimacy. It can also be used as a wonderful healing tool, working with touch, sensuality, and more holistic sexual expression.

Contact Aeriel to Order- $40.00 per deck (plus shipping)


Coming soon!

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