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FEB 25th-Love Lounge @ Society ClubHouse in Toronto

Join us to explore:

  • Meditations on Mystical Love

  • Tantric Connection Exercises

  • Compassionate Communication

  • Pleasure Mapping Techniques (non-sexual, fully clothed!)

  • Chocolate Body Painting Station (During the Social Lounge)

As with all Love Lounges we have a sacred circle and structured exercises to begin the event and then free flowing connection time at the end.This month during our free-flowing social lounge we will have a chocolate body painting station where you can have a ton of fun diving deeper into pleasure mapping and sensual delight

We look forward to sharing this special time with you all.
Blessings and Bliss,

Join us at our next Love Lounge and Fill Your Cup !!!

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What is a Love Lounge?

The Love Lounge is a sacred gathering place, training event and  social hub for those on the path of sacred intimacy.

The event is half workshop and half social lounge. We create a healing circle and container to drop deep into our bodies and hearts with each other, practice sacred intimacy exercises, and heal together through the power of connection. We draw from a wide range of teachings and practices including, shamanic healing, tantra, Kundalini Yoga, breathwork, NVC, Laughter Yoga, ecstatic dance and more. The first half of the evening is a chance to explore some new exercises and teachings while creating deep healing bonds and experiences with other participants.

In the second half we share great music, great food, great conversation and the chance to dive deeper into our themes from the workshops. We may have a massage and cuddle zone, an energy healing station, an eye gazing tent, or something else completely magical and exciting to explore at your leisure. We always have the opportunity for participants to enjoy the warm ambience, slow down and have some great conversations, relax, unwind and celebrate.

Why Love Lounges?

These events are designed to offer a place for those craving deep connection and healing through sacred intimacy to come and gather and share the magic of this work together. We have events at different levels for participants to join so that you can choose one that fits your comfort zone. If you are brand new and just want to meet some new people and learn more about tantra and sacred intimacy work, come to a level one! If you have been on this healing path for a while and want to get into more advanced exercises.
Many people who begin a journey into sacred intimacy and sexuality find they crave more of this kind of connection and healing yet don't have many people to practice and share it with. Love Lounges are the place to deepen your learning and also build new friendships and connections, while filling your love cup and getting inspired to continue your journey of transformative healing. None of us are meant to do it alone! Connection is healing <3 We are here to support that.

What to know about joining in?

If you are new to this work, you are welcome to join us for a level one event. You can join our mailing list to stay updated about all events by emailing and requesting to be on the list. If you are interested in a level 2 or three event you must have attended prior level one events and be invited to the next level of event, or reach out and ask to attend. We will contact you to set up a call and see if your prior experience meets our criteria for joining an advanced circle. The reason we work this way is because this is very sensitive work. In order for us to hold a strong healing container at the higher levels we must know that all participants are prepared to navigate any possible emotional triggers, and that they have enough awareness and maturity to hold space for others in the group in a healing way.

What to Bring?

Wear comfy clothes that you can breathe, relax and move in. Our love lounges encourage freedom of self love, self expression, and appreciation of your divine temple (body). Bring water/liquids and also some pocket money or your phone for etransfers if you would like to buy some of the extra goodies available at our events. We include a cacao drink with your admission fee! Extra healthy snacks and drinks are for sale at the event.

Is there any nudity or sexual touch?

No. These events focus on exercises such as eye gazing, dance, platonic touch, group meditations, and foundational tantric theory. You can certainly take many of these exercises home and use them in the bedroom but we don't get into the sexual realm at our events and clothes stay on.

What if I am interested but not sure if this is right for me/and or my partner?

Reach out with your questions by email to We are happy to chat and help you decide if this is a good fit for you!

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