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Welcome to Alchemy of Love

Hi I am Aeriel, founder of the Alchemy of Love Training programs & creatrix of the Body Worship Game!  For over 12 years I have been helping people come home to their bodies, awaken their hearts and discover the arts of sacred intimacy and sexuality.

All of my offerings are designed to support organic awakening and transformation. I love seeing people come alive and come home to their true nature and ecstatic birthright!

It's a joy to be on this path and working with so many incredible souls as we help transform our world through heart-centered, embodied living.

Below you'll see more about me, my background and training and some bios of my project partners and co-facilitators.

We'd love to stay connected with you on socials. <3 Blessings and Bliss to you!!

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AERIEL COLLEEN - Sacred Intimacy Coach, Founder of The Alchemy of Love Training Program. 

Aeriel Colleen is a leading somatic healing practitioner and intimacy coach who has worked with hundreds of clients over the past 10 years helping them to come home to their bodies, transform their relationships and discover new dimensions of intimacy and sexuality. With 20 years of experience in creative programming, teaching, and workshop facilitation alongside her background in social service work, she skilfully combines her intimate knowledge of life-changing sacred intimacy work, with highly accessible training tools and teaching methods.

Aeriel passionately believes in the power of healthy intimacy and somatic healing as essential catalysts for individual and cultural healing. In an age of growing disconnection and mental health crisis, she believes helping others learn how to connect deeply and heal through healthy intimacy, embodiment and creative expression is more important than ever. She puts her whole heart and soul into her work with her clients and students leading an inspiring movement toward heart-centered living. Alongside her work with clients and students, she is a mother and singer-songwriter exploring the themes of spiritual awakening, ancestral healing, and transcendent love.  

Aeriel received certification through the ISTA in 2011 and has training in a wide range of other modalities including breathwork, reiki, non-violent communication, tantric yoga, meditation, regenerative nutrition and intuitive healing. She has been featured on 93.3 CFMU-FM, and has shared her teachings and advocacy of holistic wellness work at McMaster University & Uvic. 

She currently lives in the Niagara Region where she leads events and  online training and is preparing to release a new Album entitled Angels and Ancestors: Whispers and Melodies for the Hungry. ​



  • Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training - Yogamu, 2022

  • Sacred Intimacy Practitioner Training- International School of Temple Arts, 2010

  • Reiki Level 2- T.K Atkinson, 2011

  • Laughter Yoga- Kathryn Kimmins, 2013


  • Compassionate Communication- Centre of Non-Violent Communication, 2007 

  • Transformational Breathwork- Dale Joyal, 2009-2010

  • Tantric Yoga- Agama Yoga, 2009-2010 

  • Mindfulness Meditation- Dr. Pardeep Kumar, 2006

  • Chanting and Mantra Meditation- David Embry, 2007-2009

  • Dyadic Communication- Warrior Sage, 2010

  • Psychic Development- Niki Tihor, 2015-2016


  • Forgotten Waters, Randy Jones- Ritual Leadership- 2021-2022

  • Orphan Wisdom, Stephen Jenkinson- 2019​

  • Regenerative Nutrition- Lynn Krokenberger (RN, CCH), 2012-2015 

  • Intuitive Healing- Shirley Peck, 2010-2012

General Arts- University of British Columbia 2003-2007


“Aeriel holds a safe container for me to soften and bring all of me without fear. I trust her guidance, the depth of knowledge and believe her to be a true pioneer in the field of sacred sexuality. Thank you Aeriel for your tremendous gifts and contributions to the field of sacred sexuality and for being a fiercely loving heart. I love you sister.”

Amanda Clarke, Founder of The

Meet the Team

Meet the magical and beautiful souls I partner with to bring greater love and transformation into our world.





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